Social Media as a Customer Service Tool

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In a perfect world you gain millions of fans and followers.  Everyone is happy with your product (or service) and are raving about you on their social networks.  Your brand evangelists share their good experience and promotes your brand to people they know and even help you answer questions from fellow fans and prospective customers.

In the real world though, people will at some point get disappointed with your company and your brand.  They will post bad reviews, criticisms (constructive or otherwise).  What do you do when one of your customers is upset and posted his/her frustrations online?

Customer service, unlike in the past,  is no longer just measured on the number of first-time resolutions and average handle time (in the case of call centers), instead successful customer service is based on other factors like up-selling/cross-selling rates and conversation volume metrics.  It is said that by 2020, 90% of enterprise level companies will be using social media for customer inquiries.  I personally think it’s going to happen even earlier than 2020.

Another reason to jump in the social media customer service band wagon, is that web, chat, social support is expected to grow by a whopping 53% in the next year!  It is no longer about answering complaints but effectively listening, monitoring, and engaging with brand mentions online.

A recent survey asked companies in the US what business activities their company use Social Media for:
  • Customer Service is the second most popular activity
  • Marketing is the first use of social media
  • 67% of enterprises are already using social media for a variety of activities
Common issues they face are:
  • Lack of goal setting
  • Lack of communication with customer service centers about strategy
  • 55% of consumers expect same day reply to complaints
  • Only 29% receive a same-day response
  • Brands ignored 71% of customer’s complaints on Twitter
Dunking Donuts (USA) focused on using Social Media to the fullest in making sure customers are happy by:
  • Having Regular meetings
  1. Internal Monday morning connects
  2. Bi-weekly deep-dive meetings
  3. Program-specific meetings
  • Taking care of their brand ambassadors
  • Setting up an open-door/phone/email policy

How is your company using Social Media to in improving The Customer Experience?


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