How to Integrate your Social Media Efforts

Integrating your Social Media EffortsPhoto credit:

Integrating your social media efforts can be a tedious undertaking.  To some it can be a nightmare that leads to endless sleepless nights.  Each organization, big or small, needs to come up with a way to organize their thoughts and send out a united message across all Social Platforms.  Having one cohesive message across all facets of your social media identity is very important to project an image of uniformity and integrity.

Here are two basic ways to integrate social media:
  • Existing Online Channels – always take into consideration your current online channels.  Identify all your social media channels, their strengths and weaknesses.  Is there a need to venture into other channels based on your company / organization’s need?  Which of these channels is more important to you?  Do you need to allocate extra resources in managing certain channels?
  • Cross Pollination – promote your other accounts throughout your social networks.  Each channel would have limitations and you need to know how to address these and take advantage of  their respective strengths.

What are best practices in integration?

  • Social Media Icons that allows users to like, +1 or follow
  • Social Sharing Icons for sharing your page, article or product to other social networks
  • Allowing and / or importing reviews from other social platforms to your site
Optimize your emails to social media by
  • Stand-Alone Campaign – sending an email providing a value proposition for going to the social network site
  • Optimize all emails – promote a specific product or service and promote social media networks on top on all emails.

What Traditional Marketing Strategies work best with your Social Media Efforts?

Social Media can be further strengthen by integrating them to your traditional marketing tactics like TV, Direct MailCall Centers, Point of checkout in retails stores, and Business Cards.

Ayan is a driven social media consultant with extensive experience in the field of social. He designed and implemented social media strategies for companies in different industries such as telecommunications, government, sports, apparel, real estate, health and wellness to name a few.  

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